I’ve spent most of my 20+ year career working in public relations as a corporate trainer, conference speaker, consultant and post-secondary instructor. I had won awards, worked in senior management positions and thought I had it all figured out.

That is until I became a mother. Both of my pregnancies involved months of home and hospital based bed rest and post-pregnancy complications for my babies and me.

It was through my bed rest experiences that I began the journey of patient advocacy. This was not by choice, but rather by necessity.

After spending many long days sitting next to an incubator in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), I realized I needed to be my child’s voice. And I haven’t stopped speaking for him since the day he was born.

I wrote Bed Rest Mom – Surviving Pregnancy-Related Bed Rest with Your Sanity and Dignity Intact to help other moms navigate home and hospital based bed rest.

Inspired on how my writing could help others, I wrote Your Child’s Voice to share some of the knowledge and insights I’ve learned from advocating for my son.

Speaking opportunities

I am passionate about helping people have the confidence and resources to advocate for themselves and their children. I offer workshop designed to help you understand how to navigate common roadblocks and be empower  to speak up and have your voice heard.

For healthcare providers, I focus on understanding how to best include patient voices in the conversation. We can reduce stress, improve outcomes and transform healthcare by listening to parents and including their unique insights.

I am available to speak at conferences, workshops as well as provide customized training.

I am also the author of a series of e-books covering patient advocacy, patient engagement, communications skills as well as career and personal development.

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